"Upward Mobility" Statement

Capitalism is the presidency, the local team, my food, my car, my favorite jacket and shoes. After years of working many jobs, years of physical jobs, I have reached, not riches but a plateau of stability.


Living in a city and country that does not prioritize basic human needs leaves many dreaming of a life magically altered by the illusive winning lottery ticket. Capitalism is greatest love of the lucky.


Financial freedom is too commonly a ride on a treadmill of tedious, painful and often dangerous subpar jobs. Too many donating their physical body, to thanklessly serve others' wants, my wants - while they wait for politicians and corporations to truly comprehend the idea of "a living wage".

This body of work is an observation of life from the middle. Looking upward and downward, forward and backward, there is no guarantees of what the future holds. I must, and I do acknowledge my privilege. This body of work is a comment on the fragility of the ladder climbed.

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ROBIN MEYER / 2017-ongoing

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